ENBE offers a range of consultancy services falling broadly within the categories:

For examples of the work we undertake, please refer to our Case Studies.


Though never complacent, we are confident that our clients are satisfied with our services as much of our work comes from repeat commissions. Our client list nevertheless continues to grow.

We are happy to work with businesses large or small, or for an individual person as the case may be, in the UK and overseas. Our clients are from both the public and private sectors and include government departments, private businesses and landowners, developers, international engineering consultants and contractors, community partnerships and other professional sectors, including legal and the insurance industry.

Dedication: Our clients are provided with a dedicated service tailored to their specific needs. The client deals directly with the expert responsible for your interests, and so you are kept reliably informed as a project progresses.

Flexibility: Working in the marine environment is a dynamic and exciting field, but with this comes a measure of the unexpected. We take a flexible approach to defining project requirements and can adapt to changing circumstances, whilst always keeping the end objective in sight.

Efficiency: As a specialist consultancy our priority is the quality of our technical work. We operate efficiently and carry small overheads. As such, we aim to deliver what you, the customer, wants and expects – good value in a quality product.

Contributions to industry and the profession

At ENBE we contribute to research and development through our involvement in various sector publications, papers, events and committees. We strongly believe in the importance of maintaining, building and sharing knowledge so that we can deliver better products for clients.

ENBE Ltd operates a training scheme approved by the Institution of Civil Engineers.